Exclusive Individual Sport-Specific Training

Holistic and results driven, this weekly sport-specific training is crafted to individual areas of need to build a great athlete.

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Team & Group Total Athleticism Training

Focused on athletic decision making, proper form, and body control, this weekly training emphasizes all areas needed to be a great athlete physically and mentally.

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Adult Fitness Classes

Utilizing a variety of workout methods, this encouraging small group atmosphere will teach correct form and body movement to strengthen and condition the body from the inside out.

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Sports Medicine

In the Core Sports Medicine is focused on guiding athletes through injury rehabilitation as well as helping athletes move better and reduce the risk of injury.

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Whole-life training for the whole athlete

  • My son, James, started training with Aaron at In The Core in the 7th grade. He heard about Aaron from a couple boys on his soccer team and wondered if Aaron could help him “learn how to run faster.” He gave it a try and was immediately hooked. The training sessions were fun, intense, and different every time he went. Aaron did help him improve his speed. The In The Core method helped him excel at soccer, as well as at cross country and track (which at that time he considered his secondary sport). After managing both soccer and running through his sophomore year in high school, he decided to quit soccer and focus on running. He just completed his senior year in high school and has been recruited for a D1 Cross Country and Track team. His current mile time is 4:12.13.  He has come a long way since the day he asked if Aaron could help him run faster! Aaron has been a steady and trusted influence on James for six years. We highly recommend his program for anyone who wants to improve their athletic ability.
    Robin Lee
  • I have never considered myself an "athlete," but the In The Core adult program has shown me I do have athletic tendencies. The trainers started at my fitness level and continually encouraged me to find the athlete within … which has given me an excitement for fitness and losing weight … and at the same time has boosted my confidence as I see continual progress in my strength, endurance, mental focus, and overall ability. In The Core is the highlight of my week!
    Nathan Johnson
  • In the Core provides a positive, competitive environment in which I had never previously experienced. I learned to look forward to difficulties and challenges with eagerness because every sore day meant I was stronger than the day before. Nonetheless, it is an exciting experience to see yourself faster, stronger, quicker than you ever have been and can do new activities without your previous restrictions. It is liberating. I was also connected to a community filled with caring strong individuals who are great role models. I wouldn’t trade my experience at the gym for anything else. 
    Mikayla Gaffney
  • My kids have been training with In the Core for the past 6 years. All 3 kids play soccer and ski competitively, and have been strong, fit and virtually injury free thanks to In the Core's specialized training and focus.
    Jen Huff
  • In The Core has not only improved my physical abilities and sports performance, but the trainers have also helped me grow mentally as a person. … In The Core has helped me achieve my athletic goals and has also helped me grow as an individual and for that I will be forever grateful!

    Emma Gibbs